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This is what started the pond craze.
I call this my "midget pond".
Isn't it a cutie!
It's 3x4; and 2 1/2 feet in the center.
This is how it looked when I first installed it.
You can even see a little fish (Koi) on top.
Here is what it looks like In June.
Green Pea Soup is what I hear it called.
Looks awfully nasty but from what I hear in the newsgroup
I'm in its natural and will clear up in time and more plants.

I did a mistake though. I suggest you join a newsgroup BEFORE buying fish.
I bought 6 Baby Koi's and knew nothing about them.
True the pet store owner should have told me my midget pond would not
be big enough when they started growing, but then again if he did he would lose a sale.
So I have to make a bigger pond for them.
Here are a couple pictures of the babies.
When I have the bigger pond finished I will add a couple of goldfish
in here and also use this for growing plants. :-)

Makes a cute little pond don't it.
Now if I could only get the water to clear
I'll be happy.


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